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Welcome to THORN

THORN is a cross-platform writing app.

It's fairly full-featured, relatively fast, and has great support for collaboration while respecting your privacy.

As planned, more than a dozen key features will cover the entire creative process from organizing inspiration and editing posts to exporting and publishing content, which we hope will save you some time.

Although many of the features are not yet live, THORN is already sufficient for daily use, so it's fairly complete for now.

🚀 Relatively Fast

We try our best to keep the loading progress bar from having to meet you. Since your data is stored locally, it will of course be faster compared to the Cloud-Based Writing App, or rather, the Writing App, which is supposed to be that fast.

👏 Great Support for Collaboration

Thanks to Kevin Jahns's Yjs, we designed a CRDT-based multi-end data synchronization system, which enables efficient conflict-free synchronization of local data with other devices automatically while online.

Thus, THORN supports user collaboration between different users and multi-device data synchronization between users' different devices.


User collaboration is not yet available, but multi-device data synchronization is ready and functional.

🔒 Respecting Privacy

We have deployed THORN Data Synchronization Service in three regions, China, Asia Pacific and North America, and you can also build your own THORN Data Synchronization Service.

It is worth noting that the self-deployment of THORN Data Synchronization Service does not imply high cost of cloud services, because THORN Data Synchronization Service does not rely on any database, it is just a normal WebSocket server with very low configuration requirements.


The THORN Data Synchronization Service relies on only one object storage repository as the data storage medium, and in addition, you can create multiple workspaces in THORN and assign different THORN Data Synchronization Services to those workspaces.


The self deployment of the THORN data synchronization service will be coming soon.

THORN brings you an online collaborative writing tool that can be used completely offline and you can choose to have full control of all your data.

Based on the above, we offer you even more well-polished writing features.

In The End

It's great to see you using THORN to write and to build your own palace of knowledge.

We encourage you to experiment, to start simple, to explore the features of THORN and find what works best for you, and we'll do our best to explore and provide more flexible and useful features to help you.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Have fun using it. 🖖🖖🖖🖖